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The Conference

The16th edition of the conference continues the successful series started in Austin, Texas, in 1967. Since then, IB2MAC, which is held every four years, has become the most prestigious international event in the field of masonry.
In an ever-changing world in which innovations are rapidly implemented but soon surpassed, the challenge for masonry, the oldest and most traditional building material, is to demonstrate that it can meet the increasingly pressing requirements of quality of living, safety, and sustainability.
The Conference will be held in the beautiful former Monastery of San Gaetano, in the very heart of the ancient city centre. Padova is a well-known historic city in the North-East of Italy, hosting one of the oldest Universities in Europe. It has easy public transport access to Venice and other important heritage cities in Italy and UNESCO sites.
We welcome you to join International experts to discuss, share ideas and gain insights into trends, innovations and challenges related to masonry, in both research and building practice.

Conference Topics

  • Eco-materials and sustainability
  • New construction techniques/technologies
  • Masonry materials and laboratory testing
  • Analysis of masonry structures
  • New developments in design/verification
  • Reinforced and pre-stressed masonry
  • Seismic performance and reliability
  • Masonry repair and strengthening
  • Prefabrication of masonry
  • Behaviour of non-structural walls
  • Building physics and durability
  • On site testing and quality assurance
  • Codes and standards
  • Fire resistance of masonry
  • Conservation of historic buildings
  • Earthen construction
  • Masonry architecture
  • Case studies


Previous IB2MAC editions

1967 1st IB²MaC Austin Texas USA
1970 2nd IB²MaC Stoke-on-Trent England
1973 3rd IB²MaC Essen Germany
1976 4th IB²MaC Bruges Belgium
1979 5th IB²MaC Washington USA
1982 6th IB²MaC Rome Italy
1985 7th IB²MaC Melbourne Australia
1988 8th IB²MaC Dublin Ireland
1991 9th IB²MaC Berlin Germany
1994 10th IB²MaC Calgary Canada
1997 11th IB²MaC Shanghai China
2000 12th IB²MaC Madrid Spain
2004 13th IB²MaC Amsterdam The Netherlands
2008 14th IB²MaC Sydney Australia
2012 15th IB²MaC Florianopolis Brasil